Rates                               Superior and quality care!
Reservations and Boarding Requirements


Small sized (up to 45 lbs)
$22 per night
Medium sized (46 lbs to 85 lbs)
$25 per night
Large sized (over 85 lbs)
$28 per night

*Multiple pet discount still available*


(Pet Food $2.00 per day)

The Boarding Rates For Dogs Includes:

  • Snacks and treats (excluding special diets).
    Please note: Please let us know your pet's feeding schedule you'd like us to follow.
  • Spacious indoor/outdoor areas and multiple play sessions throughout the day.
  • Food and Water bowls.


Cat (cattery suite)
$17 per night


(Pet Food $1.50 per day)

The Boarding Rates For Cats Includes:

  • Treats (excluding special diets).
    Please note: Please let us know your pet's feeding schedule you'd like us to follow.
  • Food and Water bowls.
  • Cat litter box & litter
  • Peaceful, private cat condo(s)
  • Playtime and exercise activities.

Mega Fish, Bearded Dragons, Ferrets, Birds, Pot Belly Pigs

Mega Fish (Fresh Water Fish) starting at
$ 7 per night
Bearded Dragons starting at
$ 7 per night
Birds starting at
$ 7 per night
Ferrets and Guinea Pig(s) starting at
$10 per night
Pot Belly Pigs starts at
$15 per night

Please note: We do not provide food.


Medication Administration Fee:
$3.00 - $7.00 per night/ per pet.
      (Owners must provide us with all medications with names, dispensing schedule and dosage.
      Restrictions apply, contact us for details.)

Boarding during the Holidays:
Crescent City Kennel requires a $50.00 deposit on the following holidays: (Per Family)

Memorial Day
July 4th
New Year

Please Note: we do require a minimum three night stay while boarding for the holidays listed above. At the event of a cancellation a full refund will be issued with a 72 hour notice.

Pet Day Care Services for Cats and Dogs
$5.00 per hour/ per pet
   (Includes snacks and refreshment, playtime and exercise activities, except for those guests with special diets.)

Full Grooming Services Available for Dogs, Cats and Birds*

Grooming rates vary by breed, type of coat and size of pet. The following is a list of some of our grooming services available (not limited to):

  • Spa Bath (includes cutting nails, cleaning ears and anal gland)
  • Flea Bath
  • Medicated spa baths
  • Paw trims
  • Hair styling (grooming services) per your instructions
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Doggie cologne and a bow accessory at no extra charge
  • Special cuts are available (poodles, schnauzers or breed specific)
  • Nail care
  • Cat grooming also available
  • Hand scissoring for certain breeds
  • Plucking ears hair
  • Bird wing trim and nail care Call us for details
  • Call us for additional details
  • Large Lizards of all kinds
  • Birds wingst nails
  • Rodent nails & bath (for example rabbits, gerbals, ferrets, guineea pigs, hamsters)

The Grooming Salon at Crescent City Kennel is equipped with "professional grooming equipment."

*Grooming Services available Monday - Saturday

Guest Options and Suggestions:

  • You may provide your own food for your pet. We suggest pre-measured containers marked with your pet’s name along with any feeding instructions.
  • Many pets are more comfortable with familiar items in a new place. Bring your pet's own bedding/blanket and a toy from your home to make their stay more enjoyable.
  • Please label all items from home with your pet's name.

Late Pick-Up

Day care guests will be charged an additional fee if you do not pick up your pet at the designated time.
Overnight guests will be charged an additional fee if you do not pick up your pet by your scheduled check-out for time.
Please contact us immediately if you are unable to pick up your pet in a timely fashion.
Grooming pets should be picked up by 5pm (M-F) or 3pm on Saturday.

If not picked up before closing time, regular boarding fees will apply.

Cat and Dog Boarding - Crescent City Kennel